How To Score

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The scoring  process is as follows.

The scores are awarded only if photo proof is produced. Without this no score can be given.
The value is awarded according to type of fruit not quantity. A single apple will realise the same value as 5 apples.
The value of a fruit is directly proportional to size. A water melon will be a high scoring fruit due to its size and weight. A grape, being easy to steal, will carry a low score.
The fruit must be intact. Severely damaged fruit may be awarded a reduced score or may be considered worthless. 
Any fruit can be counted towards your score. The list below gives a general points value for each type/size of fruit.
Extra points can, and will, be awarded for skill, audacity and comedy value.
The judges decision is final.
I am the judge.
1      Strawberry / Gooseberry / Grape / Cherry
3      Banana / Kiwi Fruit / Lychee / Apricot / Plum / Lemon / Lime
8      Avocado / Peach / Nectarine / Apple / Pear / Orange
12      Grapefruit
15      Water melon / Pineapple
These scores can, and will, be amended without warning or reasonable cause.

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