Folk X - Folk Detector/Alarm with Battery - 4518

Manufacturer: Fruit Bandit & Co
Item Number:  FB-7115-FD002-A

Folk X 4518 Folk Detector/Alarm:
No more worries about Folk Music!
Whether you are lover of folk or if you can't stand the jingly-jingly crap this is the gadget for you.
Wall mountable in an attractive white plastic finish you can relax, safe in the knowledge that if folk music starts playing nearby you will be the first to know.

Or, with dash-clips (sold seperately - FB-7115-FD002-B) you can safely travel anywhere. The
Folk X 4518 Folk Detector/Alarm will automatically sound as you drive past any club or pub playing folk music. No more unexpected encounters with Morris men swilling ale and being 'Folky' on the weekend when in real life they do Insurance or Marketting.

It's features include:
  • 9 Volt AC Battery (not included)
  • Fully adjustable settings - from Mike Harding all the way up to Woody Guthrie
  • Attractive low-profile design
  • Front Loading Battery Door
  • Two separate lighted LEDs (green for power and red for alarm/battery status)
  • Power Link Tab
  • False Alarm Control
  • Factory Sealed Housing
  • 85 decibel horn
  • Missing Battery Tab
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty On Alarm
  • Special Features: False Alarm Control quiets non-emergency alarms for up to 15 minutes, making it ideal for installation in or near festivals and other common sources of non-emergency "nuisance" alarms. The Folk X 4518 Folk Detector/Alarm is interconnectable with your Sat-Nav so regular folk sites can be logged and avoided/added to your favourites. For an additional fee you can connect your folk detector to your PC and download updates.
  • Can be connected to your phone and used with the new Carphone Warehouse - Folk Folk -  which automatically phones you with an excuse to leave the Pub/your friends house when Folk is played.

Fruit Bandit & Co
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