Fruit Bandits

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Welcome to the Fruit Bandit & Co. website.
At no point do we wish to encourage the illegal collection of produce but...if you happen to be doing such a thing and would appreciate some praise, attention or ridicule...please let us know,

But this site is not just about fruit.
We also like to share our other interests including Isopods, Camelids and Roadkill.

And there's some stuff too...

The art of the Fruit Bandit seems simple and straightforward at first but it is only with time and dedication that you may eventually rise to the lofty position that so many strive for but seldom reach.

The theft of fruit is one of the oldest skills, just check the Bible if you don't believe me, and can be very, very satisfying both emotionally and physically.
Some have corrupted the true way and have taken to stealing bread products as well but this deviation is frowned upon by the pure of heart and those who perform such profanities are shunned and made virtual pariahs in their communities.
To assist the novice a system of scoring has been devised, along with a few basic yet important rules, which will aid them in their route to free fruit happiness. The rules are listed below.


Injury to the 'Victim', 'Bandit' and any suspecting or unsuspecting passers by must be avoided at all costs. Intentional injury will be punished by an immediate and permanent ban. In the instance of un-intentional injuries a temporary ban may be put in place if the judges consider the 'Bandit' was acting in an unsafe manner.

Damage to property must also be avoided. The punishment for this is the same as for Injuries (see above).

The Fruit must be taken from someone who is wholly unsuspecting. No prior warning is permitted.

No money is allowed to change hands, nor any exchange of goods, barter or promises of reimbursement. 

The 'Bandit' scores full points if he escapes with the produce and if the victim is aware of the theft. If the theft goes un-noticed he scores half of the points available (rounded down).

The 'Bandit' must work alone. He is allowed accomplices who can assist in recording and witnessing his theft but they are allowed no active part and this includes distracting or obstructing the 'Victim'.

No vehicle is allowed to be used during the theft.

No more than three different types of fruit can be stolen, and scored, at any single time.

With the advent of the computer age, and the gift of the digital camera and camera phone, the Fruit Bandit has hit the World Wide Web. Communities around the globe can join together in the great 'Theft'. A good 'Bandit' has one reliable assistant ready with his or her digital camera or phone to record the theft.

There is a link which takes you to the Bandit Gallery page. You can also email a photo to us for those wishing to take part. Only those who post on here will be awarded points. It is an open contest with a small yet awful prize. This prize, how-ever, should be of no real importance to the true Bandit of Fruit.

Happy hunting.

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